Current year – September 2018 to end August 2019

Piper’s Vale Primary Academy expects to receive £19,000 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2018 to end August 2019. The school plans to spend this, or has already spent this, as follows:

  • £10,000 to provide extra-curricular sporting activities, both after school and during lunchtimes, led by sports specialists, to promote health and
    fitness and to develop and nurture talent and skills.
  • £7,000 to purchase extra equipment lessons and for break and lunchtimes, to promote health and fitness amongst pupils.
  • £2,000 for kit/resources/transport to and for tournaments/events that pupils attend/compete in.

Previous year – September 2017 to end August 2018

Piper’s Vale Primary Academy received £ 19, 120 in PE and sport premium for the period September 2017 to end August 2018. Spending allocations are shown below, together with a brief overview of the impact on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment. Further details are available on request.

Amount/on whatImpact
£15,865 to provide extra curricular sporting activities to pupils- both at lunch time and after school.Many more pupils engaged with
sporting activities during lunchtimes.
Approximately 120 pupils a week
attended after school sporting
activities- helping to improve their
fitness and health.
£4,000 to provide equipment to enable pupils to engage in activities
to promote fitness during break and
lunchtimes; skipping ropes, bats and balls, footballs, space hoppers and
The vast majority of pupils engage
with differing activities at break and
lunch times.
The extra equipment has promoted
better behaviour on the playground,
pupils play respectfully with the
equipment and with one another.
There is a greater sense of
‘sportsmanship’ amongst pupils.

The school is ensuring that these improvements are sustainable by:

  • Making health and fitness high profile around the academy and by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Ensuring lunchtime staff lead activities for pupils to engage with. The external experts used to provide extra curricular activities will throughout
    the year ‘up-skill’ lunchtime staff, enabling them to confidently lead activities for pupils.
  • Investigating local cluster sporting events and pupils from Piper’s Vale Primary Academy participate in these.
  • Developing sporting teams within the academy, to participate within local tournaments/leagues as appropriate.
Last updated July 29, 2019